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2024 Tierra Bella Bicycle Tour

Date: 04/13/24 Start: 6:00 AM End: 6:30 PM Location: Christmas Hill Park, Gilroy
Credential Credit (What's this?): Yes

Tierra Bella is a bicycle tour through South County starting and ending near Christmas Hill Park (7050 Miller Ave, Gilroy). It takes place on Saturday, April 13, 2024 and consists of four simultaneous routes: a 30 mile, 50 mile, 74 mile, and a 101 mile route. There will be up to 1,500 official riders out on these routes.

This is different than a drill or parade. Here you will be directly working with individuals directly who need your help. It’s the best kind of one-to-one activity. You will end the day knowing that you made a difference.” -R.R.

ARES Communicators are needed to staff the communications Incident Command Post (ICP), up to 15 SAG vehicles, and  fixed locations along the route.  Please refer to the individual job descriptions for additional information.

Please note that the "Rest Stop Lead" job is an all-day commitment.  Rest Stop Leads are responsible for providing the communications gear and setup used at the stop.  If you're familiar with the tour, and have a preference about which rest stop you'd like to staff, contact the event organizer at operations @

For positions other than "Rest Stop Lead", operators need not serve the entire event period.  After sign-up, please contact the event organizer for limitations and/or preferences on shift hours.

The following are approximate shift times for the different positions:

  • ICP
    • AM (0600 to 1300)
    • PM (1100 to 1800)
  • Rest Stops
    • Gilroy Hot Springs (0600 to 1330)
    • San Martin (0700 to 1430)
    • Henry Coe (0800 to 1530)
    • Uvas (0800 to 1800)
  • SAG
    • AM (0630 to 1130)
    • Mid-Day (1030 to 1530)
    • PM (1430 to 1800)
  • Resource NC (0530 to 1930)

The following positions are available for this event. You can state your preference when you sign up for the event. The event coordinator will attempt to accommodate your request. Based on the event and its requirements, the event coordinator may move hams to positions other than those requested.

Click on a position title for a description of the specific requirements for that position

ICP Staffyes
Rest Stop Lead (all-day position)0
Rest Stop Communicator (Field Op)yes
SAG Vehicle Communicator (Shadow)yes
Resource Net Control (remote)yes
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