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ARES/RACES Communications Drill - COUNTY participation

Date: 05/18/24 Start: 9:00 AM End: 1:00 PM Location: Santa Clara County EOC
Credential Credit (What's this?): Yes

Santa Clara County and City Quarterly Drill. This sign-up is for participation at the county level. You MUST have approval from your EC first.

Exercise Details:

See the drill description page for more details.


  • 08:15 Resource Net opens for travel to drill
  • 09:00 - Briefing
  • 09:30 - Station setup and familiarization
  • 10:00 - 12:00 - Drill Activity
  • 12:00 - 13:00 - Clean-up and Debrief


There will be two types of radio operators needed for the county radio room--Net control operators and packet operators.

The net control position in the county radio room can be non-stop action, so preference is given to existing credentialed operators. Note: One Net Control must be an experienced NCO and able to handle a very busy net. This position must be approved by Staff

The packet position in the county radio room is also non-stop action, plus you gain experience with a more complicated, two-station configuration. Again, preference is given to existing credentialed operators.

We also have the need for some radio room support personnel to perform logging, EOC runner function, simulated message injection, and other functions.

If you have volunteered in previous drills for a position in the last year, please let others have an opportunity to take that position first.  If positions are still open 2 weeks prior to the drill, then at that time previous participants may sign up

Credential Evaluations: 

Credential Evaluations will be offered for N3, F3 and F2 qualifications.  Please sign up accordingly.  The evaluations will include the operator skills area, as well as the knowledge area. The Field evals will take place in the parking lot and not in the EOC.  You will need to bring your radio equioment and complete go-kit to operate.


The County EOC is located on the 4th floor of the Santa Clara County Sheriff's office, which is located at 55 W. Younger Ave., San Jose. 

Park across the street. No permit is required on the weekend. Do NOT park in the visitor spots next to the Sheriff's office.

Those signed up for an N2, F3, or F2 evals will park in the parking lot and keep at least one parking space between their vehicle and other vehicles.   Set up your equipment in the space next to your vehicle.

All others will go to the EOC. The front door is locked on weekends, you will need to use the button on the right hand side of the double doors to get buzzed into the lobby. Enter the front door and go to the window on the left. Inform the deputy that you need to go up to the 4th Floor EOC for the drill. Your ID will be checked. You are on the pre-approved list which is based on the sign-ups on this page.

The deputy will buzz you into the door to your right. Go through the door and up the elevator to the fourth floor. Exit the elevator to the left. You will see the doors for the EOC. Sign in at the reception counter. Then go down the hall to the right to find the radio room.  

Sign-ups will close at 7am on Wednesday May 15th.


The following positions are available for this event. You can state your preference when you sign up for the event. The event coordinator will attempt to accommodate your request. Based on the event and its requirements, the event coordinator may move hams to positions other than those requested.

Click on a position title for a description of the specific requirements for that position

Net Control0
Packet Operator1
County Staff and Evaluatorsyes
Radio Room Support1
Field operator w/ F3 eval2
Field operator w/ F2 eval0
Net Control w/ N2 Eval0
Resource Net Control1
Net Control w/ N3 Eval0
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