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DSW Registration - for Santa Clara County RACES / ACS

Date: 12/09/23 Start: 11:30 AM End: 12:00 PM Location: 55 W. Younger Ave., San Jose
Credential Credit (What's this?): No

 Santa Clara County Disaster Service Worker Volunteer Registration


Sheriff's Auditorium, 55 W. Younger Ave, San Jose. When you arrive, outside to the left of the main front doors there will be an open door that will take you directly to the auditorium. If you are coming to the Year End Class arrive by 8:30 am so we can have your paperwork checked. If you are not coming to the Year End Class arrive by 11:00 am.

Background (i.e. Why):

The State Disaster Service Worker Volunteer Program provides certain protections for volunteers helping in a disaster and some training events.  Registration with the Santa Clara County DSW program is needed by anyone who will be activated under SCCo DSW rules. This includes people participating in county-sponsored drills/exercises and, of course, real incidents. In particular, it includes all Mutual Aid Communicators (MACs), hospital net operators, and anyone else who wishes to participate in county-sponsored events, whether those events are in your city or elsewhere.


This activity is for anyone who plans to participate in county sponsored exercises or be activated by the county for real emergency incidents (including *ALL* Mutual Aid Communicators and "hospital net" personnel) and those who DO NOT already have a current Santa Clara County DSW registration.

If you have lost your DSW ID card, plan to attend this event and just re-register.


This will be a group DSW registration session with a representative from the County Office of Emergency Management. The OEM representative will administer the oath, sign your DSW form, and provide you with a new signed DSW ID card.


Download the DSW Registration form and the exemplar with instructions below.  Print out and fill in the DSW form according to the instructions in the examplar.  Be sure to follow the instructions carefully.  Your form must be legible to be accepted.  Bring the completed form with you to the registration event.

DSW Registration Form

Instructions for completing DSW Registration Form

Instructions for completing DSW ID Card   Bring this to complete the card provided at the event.

Also, bring a clipboard or notepad or something else to write on when signing your form and when filling out the DSW ID card that you will receive at the event.  There may not be any tables available.


We will start promptly at 11:30.  If you are late you may miss out on the registration opportunity.  Plan time to travel, park, get into the building, and complete the necessary paperwork.

When you arrive your paperwork will be checked and you will be given a DSW ID card to fill out.  All of this needs to be completed before 11:30 when the swearing in will take place.


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