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Field Operations Type III, Part B and Type II

Date: 08/29/20 Start: 9:00 AM End: 12:15 PM Location: Hellyer Park, 985 Hellyer Ave.
Credential Credit (What's this?): Yes

Prerequisites, Course Description, and Course Materials:

  • See the Field Communicator Type III Part B and Type II page for complete information prerequisites, course details, and to download the course materials.
  • The training presentation may be updated 2-3 days prior to the class and those registered will be notified by email.


  • Hellyer County Park, 985 Hellyer Ave., San Jose.  Veledrome Group Area.
  • See map here
    • The Veledrome entrance is now open.  So, you will be able to part near the training area.

Unique Evironment:

  • Since we will be outdoors and very spread out for "social distancing", there will be a couple of differences in how we conduct this class.  Specifically:
  • We will use our radios instead of a microphone and speakers.  Students will listen to the instructor, ask questions, and interact with other students over the radio.
  • There will be no projector.  Everyone will need to bring a copy of the course presentation that is big enough to read easily - either printed or on a tablet or PC.

What You Need To Bring (in additional to the course materials):

  • Face mask
  • HT with plenty of battery for 3 hours
  • Minimum of earbud or headphones, so we don't bother others in the park with radio chatter.  A headset (headphones with boom microphone) is recommended for best audio quality (hearing and speaking).  If you come without a headset or earbud you will be asked to leave.
  • A lawnchair suitable for setting up in the grass or dirt of a park setting.
  • Clipboards (preferably 2-3).  One to hold the presentation.  The other to hold other exercise papers.
  • Electronic or printed copies of the presentation
  • Printed copies of all other course materials (see the course description page for all course materials - link above).  The in-class exercises require you to write on the various forms.
  • Hat and sunscreen.  We will be outdoors so prepare accordingly.
  • Water or other beverage.  As an added precaution, we will not share any food or beverage containers.  So bring your own.
  • Tote bag or backpack to carry your materials.  We will probably set up some distance away from the parking lot to reduce noise.  So, you'll need something to make carrying your stuff easier.

Safety:  Follow all recommendations from health officials

  • Rreview these screening questions and, if you have any of the listed symptoms, please remain at home.
  • If you are in the higher risk category (see county health guidelines), it's best to stay home
  • Practice social distancing (maintain at least 6 feet separation from others) at all times
  • Wear a mask at all times


  • When you arrive, someone will be available to sign you in on the ICS-211.
  • Please do NOT bunch up at check-in.  Stay 6 ft apart at all times.

NOTE:  Depending on the number of participants, class questions, and interaction, be prepared for the class to run over the scheduled time by up to 30 minutes due to the unique teaching environment.

Class size is limited to the first 40 people that sign up.

Monitor AA6BT, 146.115 MHz, + offset, PL of 100.0 Hz,  the morning of the class for any changes relative to the class, location, etc.

Note: 90% or better class time attendance required for credit.

Instructor: Fox

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