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SCCo ARES/RACES Mutual Aid Communicator Exercise

Date: 03/13/10 Start: 06:30 AM End: 06:30 PM Location: Lakewood Park - SNY
Credential Credit (What's this?): Yes

To ALL Mutual Aid Communicators (MACs) and MACs-in-Training

The Advanced Communications Drill on March 13th is your opportunity to gain valuable experience in performing communications tasks including net control, shadowing, and field operations.

For those that are new to mutual aid communications this is a great opportunity to experience what it might be like to be activated in support of our served agencies, but in a training environment.  If you are interested in gaining more depth and experience as a mutual aid communicator in emergency communications, come see what it’s like and the types of things you’ll need to know. MAC Evaluators will be on site to answer any questions you might have about the MAC program and the various advanced qualifications that you might pursue.

This is also an opportunity to gain your MAC qualifications in the areas of Field Communicator, Net Control Operator and Shadow Communicator.  We will have MAC evaluators on site to review and evaluate MACs on all the aspects of Field Operations level 1 (F1), shadow operations level 1 (S1), net control level 1 (N1) and level 2 (N2).  Participants who come early enough will have time to complete up to three evaluations!

Participating in the evaluation process is optional, but highly encouraged for all MACs.  If you are interested in being evaluated, please refer to the MAC Handbook ( to see what will be checked. .  Review the specific requirements for F1, N1, N2 and/or S2 to see exactly what is required.  The MAC Handbook also includes a chapter on evaluations which details exactly what you can expect to happen and how to prepare.  If you have questions, ask them on the scc-mac-discuss Yahoo group.

This drill will start early and run until approximately 1200 hours (noon), so if you plan on actively pursuing your qualifications in several areas, we recommend an early start.  If you are pursuing many qualifications we recommend that you be on site no later than 0730 hours.  The resource net will open early at approximately 0645 hours Saturday morning and begin accepting check-ins for travel to Drill City, Santa Mara, located in Lakewood Park in Sunnyvale.  Please only check in when you are in your car and ready to leave your house, but do not leave your house until you are activated by net control.  

Location: is Lakewood Park in Sunnyvale, Thomas Bros. map page 812 H4

Resource Net Frequencies: 

AA6BT Repeater 146.115 MHz + 100.0 PL

N6NAC Repeater 444.625 MHz + 110.9 PL

W6ASH Repeater 145.270 MHz  – 100.0 PL

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