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Cupertino Wildland Fire threat Exercise

Date: 05/12/18 Start: 7:00 AM End: 1:00 PM Location: City of Cupertino
Credential Credit (What's this?): No

The City of Cupertino supports testing the community emergency response plans and ongoing disaster preparedness training as an essential component to a successful community disaster response.  One area that has not received a lot of attention is with the threat of Wildland Urban Interface Fire.  We recognized that California experienced an incredibly tough WUI fire season last year, and that such a risk is real for us given that Cupertino sits up against foothills that have not burned in over 100 years.

With this as context, CARES developed, planned, and tested a response for how we would possibly observe and report adverse conditions to the EOC that would be caused by a wildland fire threat.

The purpose of this exercise was to test the field response to a wildland fire threat as performed by Cupertino Citizen Corps ,specifically Cupertino ARES/RACES and CERT.

The City of Cupertino authorized this exercise with training activation number CUP-18-35T.  This report covers the activities undertaken by CARES and the findings from that exercise.

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