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Webinar: Credentialing Program Launch

Date: 01/08/20 Start: 7:00 PM End: 8:00 PM Location: Online Webinar
Credential Credit (What's this?): No

Introduction to SCCo ARES/RACES Credentialing Program

The SCCo Credentialing Program provides a way to perform resource typing and identify qualified operators.  It is based on the past 10 years of successful experience with the MAC program.  But, unlike the MAC program, anyone in any part of the county can earn credentials, even if they only want to operate within their own city.

Intended Participants:

  • All city and county leadership (DEC, ADEC, EC, AEC)
  • All existing Mutual Aid Communicators (MACs)
  • Anyone from anywhere in the county who is interested in what the credentialing program is, how it works, and why it is important.




This webinar will be conducted using Zoom Meetings.  To learn how to use the features of Zoom (such as to raise your hand) and to test your system before the webinar, visit our HOW-TO page:


You should use a computer with a large enough screen to view presentations and diagrams.  Firefox, Safari or Chrome web browsers are recommended.  The use of your computer audio (with headset) is STRONGLY recommended.  If you can't get your computer audio working, you can call in by phone.


Access to the webinar is via a link (URL) that will be sent out to all who have signed up by the day before the event.  Make sure your email address is configured correctly in the activities database.


Participants can use the control panel to "raise their hand" to ask questions.  We'll accomodate as many questions as possible, while still trying to keep the timeframe reasonable.  Unanswered questions can be handled on our Training discussion group.


The webinar will be recorded and posted.  Those who are unable to attend will miss the ability to ask questions during the webinar, but can view the recording later.


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