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Our Team: Who We Are

We combine the functions of ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service), RACES (Radio Amateur Communications Emergency Service), and ACS (California's Auxiliary Communications Service) into a single organization so our served agencies don't have to worry about who to call.

Our organizational structure follows the California SEMS (Standardized Emergency Management System) model, with the Operational Area (county) supporting the cities, agencies and unincorporated areas within the county borders.

County / Operational Area

Cities / Agencies


Our Mission: What We Do


Frequently Asked Questions


How To Join

  1. Register
  2. Get on the air
    • Meet us on the air for one of our weekly or monthly nets
    • If your agency isn't listed on our nets page, contact your Emergency Coordinator for details.
  3. Sign up for activities
    • Create an account in our Activities Database
    • Then sign up for training classes, meetings, and drill/exercises.
    • For information about all of our classes and drills/exercises, see our Training page.
  4. Join our discussions groups
    • Sign up for our discussion groups.
    • This keeps you informed and provides a way to learn from and provide help to others.




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