FCC Parts
(Code of Federal Regulations, Title 47-Telecommunication)

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PartTitleFCC WebsiteGPO Site
0Commission organization Part 0 CFR
1Practice and procedure Part 1 CFR
2Frequency allocations and radio treaty matters; general rules and regulations Part 2 CFR
3Authorization and administration of accounting authorities in maritime and maritime mobile-satellite radio services Part 3 CFR
5Experimental radio services (other than broadcast) Part 5 CFR
6Access to telecommunications service, telecommunications equipment and customer premises equipment by persons with disabilities Part 6 CFR
7Access to voicemail and interactive menu services and equipment by people with disabilities Part 7 CFR
11Emergency Alert System (EAS) Part 11 CFR
13Commercial radio operators (general radiotelephone operator license, radiotelegraph operator's certificate, dss radio operator's license, marine radio operator permit, ship radar endorsement)Comm. Lic.Part 13 CFR
15Radio frequency devices (receivers, computers, and other commercially assembled products that can emit RF. Includes intentional, unintentional, or incidental radiators) Part 15 CFR
17Construction, marking, and lighting of antenna structures Part 17 CFR
18Industrial, scientific, and medical equipment ISM (Typical ISM applications are heating, ionization of gases, mechanical vibrations, hair removal and acceleration of charged particles. Industrial heating equipment utilized in a manufacturing or production process, medical diathermy equipment, ultrasonic equipment, domestic microwave ovens, jewelry cleaners for home use, ultrasonic humidifiers, magnetic resonance equipment.) Part 18 CFR
19Employee responsibilities and conduct Part 19 CFR
20Commercial mobile radio services CMRS (requirements and conditions applicable to commercial mobile radio service providers.  Part 20 CFR
21Domestic public fixed radio services Part 21 CFR
22Public mobile services (air-ground radiotelephone, commercial aviation air ground service, cellular, offshore radiotelephone service, rural radiotelephone service, and commercial paging). Also, Basic Exchange Telephone Radio Service BETRS is a fixed radio service where a multiplexed, digital radio link is used as the last segment of the local loop to provide wireless telephone service to subscribers in remote areas. Air-Ground
Part 22 CFR
23International fixed public radiocommunication services Part 23 CFR
24Personal Communications Services, PCS (Narrowband PCS 901-902, 930-931, 940-941 MHz . Broadband PCS 1850-1990 MHz) Narrowband
Part 24 CFR
25Satellite communications Part 25 CFR
26General wireless communications service  
27Miscellaneous Wireless Communications Service (This part states the conditions under which spectrum is made available in the following bands: 746-764 MHz, 776-794 MHz, 698-746 MHz, 1390-1392 MHz, 1392-1395 MHz, 1432-1435 MHz, 1670-1675 MHz, 2305-2320 MHz, 2345-2360 MHz, 2385-2390 MHz. Lower 700 MHz is 698-746 MHz also TV channels 52-59. )700 Guard Band
Lower 700
Part 27 CFR
32Uniform system of accounts for telecommunications companies Part 32 CFR
36Jurisdictional separations procedures; standard procedures for separating telecommunications property costs, revenues, expenses, taxes and reserves for telecommunications companies Part 36 CFR
41Telegraph and telephone franks  
42Preservation of records of communication common carriers Part 42 CFR
43Reports of communication common carriers and certain affiliates Part 43 CFR
51Interconnection Part 51 CFR
52Numbering Part 52 CFR
53Special provisions concerning Bell operating companies Part 53 CFR
54Universal service Part 54 CFR
59Infrastructure sharing Part 59 CFR
61Tariffs Part 61 CFR
62Applications to hold interlocking directorates  
63Extension of lines and discontinuance, reduction, outage and impairment of service by common carriers; and grants of recognized private operating agency status Part 63 CFR
64Miscellaneous rules relating to common carriers Part 64 CFR
65Interstate rate of return prescription procedures and methodologies Part 65 CFR
68Connection of terminal equipment to the telephone network Part 68 CFR
69Access charges Part 69 CFR
73Radio broadcast services Part 73 CFR
74Experimental radio, auxiliary, special broadcast and other program distributional services. ITFS & MDSPart 74 CFR
76Multichannel Video And Cable Television Service Part 76 CFR
78Cable television relay service Part 78 CFR
79Closed captioning of video programming Part 79 CFR
80Stations in the maritime services (marine band radios)Maritime PagePart 80 CFR
87Aviation services (aircraft band radios) Aviation PagePart 87 CFR
90Private Land Mobile Radio Services, PLMRS (220 MHz, Industrial/Business Radio Pool, Public Safety, Specialized Mobile Radio 800 MHz SMR and 900 MHz SMR)PLMRS Page
220 MHz
I/B Radio
Public Safety
Part 90 CFR
95Personal Radio Services, PRS (218-219 MHz for subscribers within a specific area, Citizens Band CB radio service 1-5 mile range for personal and business activities, Family Radio Service FRS 1 mile range citizen band service, General Mobile Radio Service GMRS 5-25 mile range citizen band service, Low Power Radio Service LPRS, Medical Implant Communications Service MICS, Radio Control Radio Service R/C, Wireless Medical Telemetry Service WMTS. 218-219 MHz Radio Service that was formerly IVDS.)PRS Page
Part 95 CFR
97Amateur Radio Service (ham radio)Amateur PagePart 97 CFR
100Direct broadcast satellite service Part 100 CFR
101Fixed microwave servicesMicrowavePart 101 CFR
 Wireless Communications WCS, spectrum is 2305-2320, 2345-2360 MHzWCS 

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