The New Activity Database System

A new activity system has been created that lets you view all upcoming activities, be they county MAC trainng, county drills, or even city activities. Events are listed in date order, with the "next event" at the top of the list. This system will be used to handle event sign-ups for all county-related activities. Cities are welcome to list their activities as well and are encouraged to use the system for tracking sign-ups and participation.

In order to sign up for an event, you need to first log in using your callsign and password. If you have not logged in before, click on the "New user" link. You will be asked for your callsign and name/address information. Once you sign in, you can sign up for any event. You can even see who else is attending that event.

The system can do much more than just handle sign-ups for event. Some of the things it can do include:

  • Sign-ups for events (already mentioned)
  • Print a check-in sheet for the event (looks like an ICS211A)
  • Keep track of who actually attended the event
  • For county training events (typically MAC classes), print a Certificate of Completion
  • List what training events you have taken in the past
  • List what drills you have participated in the past
Advanced capabilities include the ability to track your DSW and MAC status at city and county levels. Security is such that only your city EC and AECs can see your personal information (address/phone/cell and DSW/MAC status). If you have any questions related to security, see below for an e-mail address.

Hopefully coming will be the ability for you to record what types of equipment you have and can make available in a disaster.

This system is new, so bugs and problems may pop up now and then. If they do, please record what you can about the problem (what were you doing, what error message did you get?). You can submit comments and bug reports by using the "Submit a comment/Report a bug" link that is on every page in the left navigate bar.

This system was designed and implemented by Jim Clark, N6JRC, for use by the ham community in Santa Clara County. Please contact him at N6JRC @ with questions/comments/suggestions/bug reports. If there is a feature that you think would be helpful to have, please, send it in.

Jim Clark, N6JRC

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