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Field Operations - Type III, Part A

Course Description and Materials


Overview: This course is the first part of a two part series of courses designed to prepare individuals to perform field communicator duties as a fully independent operator.
Intended Audience: Hams with experience in emergency communications who are interested in performing Field Communicator duties.

Valid Technician class or higher Amateur Radio license

A solid understanding of the material covered in the following two courses is required:

Attendance at an instructor-led class for the above two courses is optional, but highly recommended.

Length: 3 hours
Students should bring:
  • Copy of course materials (see below)
  • Pen/pencil and pad of paper
Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain the role of the field communicator
  • Explain the purpose and proper usage of the main county nets
  • Perform all mobilization, travel and demobilization activities properly
  • Perform properly and independently while on scene / on assignment
  • Describe proper safety precautions
  • Understand the contents and usage of a proper go kit
  • Perform all required reporting and logging
Topics Covered:

The course agenda includes:

  • Field Communicator roles and assignments
  • Santa Clara County Nets
  • Mobilization, tracking and demobilization
  • On scene / on assignment performance
  • Safety
  • Go Kits
  • Reporting and logging
Scheduling Info:
Class Materials:

Note: This class material still refers to the old MAC numbering scheme (Type III used to be called Level 1). The material is in the process of being updated. New/revised training material will be posted approximately one to two weeks prior to the next scheduled class.

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