Items in RED Italics and marked with * are Required
A.) When Receiving,  
Sender's Msg. No.  
B.) Message  
 C.) When Sending,  
Receiver's Msg. No.  
Unlock msg. nos. A.) & C.)
D.) Situation Severity (Select One)
EMERGENCY (e.g., Life Threat)
URGENT (e.g., Property Threat)
OTHER (All Others)
E.) Msg. Handling Order (Select One)
IMMEDIATE (As Soon as Possible)
PRIORITY (Less Than One Hour)
ROUTINE (More Than One Hour)
F.) Message Requests You to:

(Check one)
Yes, by   No 
1. Incident Name
2. Date Initiated
3. Time Initiated
4. Tracking Number
(Completed by OA EOC)
5.Requested By (Name, agency, position, email, phone)

6. Prepared by (Name, position, email, phone)

7. Approved by (Name, position, email, phone)
  How to use the EOC Form 213RR
Purpose:   The EOC 213RR is used to request non-mutual aid supplies, services, personnel, teams, equipment, utilities, fuel, facilities, or any other resource or incident management activity required from the Operational Area (OA.)
When to use: The Form 213RR may be used anytime during any Operational Period. If the OA EOC is not activated the Duty Officer will serve to coordinate the request.
Prepared by: Any EOC position or agency requesting resources from the OA EOC.
Approved by: Section Chief of the requesting EOC or Supervising Official at Requesting Agency
Routed to: Planning Section Resource Status Unit->Logistics Section -> Finance/Admin Section -> EOC Director -> Planning -> Intelligence Section
Filed with: Planning Section Documentation Unit.
User Notes: The Form 213RR is a two-sided form. Side one is completed by the requestor.   Side two is completed by the OA EOC.
Please check that both sides are available.
Requesting Agency / EOC Section
8. Qty/Unit 9. Resource Description (Kind/Type. if applicable) 10. Arrival (date/time) 11. Priority 12. Est'd Cost
High (0-4 hrs.)
Medium (5-12 hrs.)
Low (12+hrs.)
13. Delivery to (name, agency, position, email, phone)
14. Location (address or Lat/long., site type)
15. Suitable Substitutes / Suggested Sources (name, source, website)
16. Supplement Requirements (Include details in #17)
Equipment Operator Lodging
Fuel   >>type Power
Meals Maintenance
Water Other (put details in #17)
17. Special Instructions
Rcv'd  Sent  Voice  Packet   Call  Name  Submitted
Paper Form: Last Revised 6/17        EOC Form 213RR        Page 1 of 2 (pg. 2 at EOC)

SCCo EOC Resource Request 213RR 06/17

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