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Outpost and PacFORMS are the standard client software used in Santa Clara County ARES/RACES.  Outpost provides an easy to use, e-mail-like user interface for sending, receiving and managing packet messages.  PacFORMS provides an HTML representation of many standard county forms and optimizes the sending and receiving of forms-based information over a packet network. 

Contents:  This program installs both Outpost and PacFORMS and includes optimized configuration files for the Santa Clara County BBSs and several popular TNCs. 

General Release Version

This version is for general use by Santa Clara County packet network users.


New Features:

Fixed Issues:

Known Issues:


Step 1: Download the installer to your hard drive

Step 2: Run the installer

An important consideration when installing Outpost is the location of the Outpost data directory. The default data directory location used by the installer assumes that the Windows account installing Outpost has Windows Administrator privileges and is the only user of Outpost. If either of these two conditions is not true, then an alternative location for the data directory is needed. Use the following recommendation when selecting the location for the Outpost data directory:

Step 3: Perform initial set up and testing

Download SCCo Packet Installer v134 30-Aug-2017 (.EXE - 10.4 MB)
    (includes Outpost v3.2.0 c103 with SCCo custom setups and PacRELEASE v4.3)


Pre-Release Version

15-Sep-2017 Updated SCCo EOC-213RR Resource Request Form


Recommended Procedure:

Download EOC-213RR Resource Request PacFORM 15-Sep-2017 (.HTML - 39KB)


About Outpost and PacFORMS

About Outpost
Outpost Packet Message Manager software is written by Jim Oberhofer, KN6PE, and is available at The generic version of Outpost can be installed on the same machine as the above combined installer. 

Outpost User Manual and other documentation on Outpost website
Getting Started with Outpost (01/07/09), 652kb Acrobat
An Introduction to Outpost Packet Message Manager (03/14/09), 747kb Acrobat
Additional Presentations can be found at:

About PacFORMS
PacFORMS is written by Phil Henderson, KF6ZSQ.  For a brief description of the PacFORMS system, go here.


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