Santa Clara County, California

Disaster Service Worker Enrollment

Release Date 05/06/94
Released for the Web 11/01/96


To define the criteria and requirements for enrollment of ARES/RACES personnel as Disaster Service Workers.


Refer to Definition of Common Terms for definitions of:

  • Competent Authority
  • Disaster Service Worker


The Santa Clara County Volunteer Disaster Service Worker Registration Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of April 22, 1994, and any amendments thereto, will govern this enrollment policy. This SOP also defines the process for filing claims under the State Workers Compensation Insurance program.


It is the policy of the County of Santa Clara that anyone responding to a RACES activation must be enrolled in the State Workers Compensation Insurance program as a Disaster Service Worker (DSW) in the Communications Class.

Certain ARES/RACES leadership officials are authorized to enroll applicants as DSWs in Santa Clara County. All ARES/RACES members throughout the County are encouraged to enroll at the County level regardless of whether they may already be enrolled as DSWs in their city of residence or occupation. ARES/RACES DSW enrollments will be used to generate a responder database to aid in mobilization and mutual aid.


All licensed radio amateurs, their spouses, and members of their immediate family who might reasonably serve in support during RACES activations are eligible for DSW enrollment. There is no age registriction for enrollment. DSW enrollment does not expire and is valid throughout California.


Each DSW enrollee will complete the individual enrollment form (DSW-F1) and will take the loyalty oath thereon which will be witnessed by the District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) or an Assistant District Emergency Coordinator (ADEC). Witnesses will date the form, both signing and printing their name and printing their title as "ARES/RACES -- DEC" or "ARES/RACES -- ADEC." The original and first copy of each completed form will be sent to the DEC who will retain the first copy for ARES/RACES records and foward the original to the County Office of Emergency Services (OES). The DSW enrollee will be given the second (pink) copy immediately upon signing.

During a RACES activation, the DEC may appoint temporary ADECs specifically for the purpose of witnessing the loyalty oaths of convergent radio amateur volunteers or other volunteers who might reasonably serve in support of ARES/RACES activities. Such DSW enrollments may be made on either the individual enrollment form (DSW-F1) or the multiple enrollment form (DSW-F2), if available. Witnessing loyalty oaths on the multiple enrollment form will follow the above procedure except that the entire form will be sent to the DEC who will send the original to County OES, retaining the copy for ARES/RACES records. The multiple enrollment form does not have individual DSW enrollee copies.

The formula for witnessing the loyalty oath is not rigid (for example, raising of the right hand or reading the loyalty oath out load are not required) and the process should be kept simple, except that it is incumbent upon witnesses to reasonably satisfy themselves that the DSW enrollee reads, understands and accepts the terms of the loyalty oath.

All radio amateur DSW enrollees (and other related volunteers) will check the Communications block in the Class of DSW portion of the single enrollment form (DSW-F1). Radio amateurs should show their call signs after their printed names. Call sign information is not required by State law but is of value to ARES/RACES. No other radio amateur related information is required. Convergent DSW enrollees who use the multiple enrollment form (DSW-F2) during RACES activations need not indicate their Class and their call sign is optional.

In addition to witnessing the loyalty oath, witnesses should review the form for completeness of required information.


Neither this Policy/Procedure nor the SOP have any affect on the requirement for RACES activation by competent authority. This Policy/Procedure and the SOP are to be used only to enroll DSWs in the State Workers Compensation Insurance program prior to or during RACES activations.

Approved for release in this format:

Anne C. Barrett, KC6PFS
ARES District Emergency Coordinator
RACES Chief Radio Officer
Santa Clara County, California

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