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The ACS mission is to serve its sponsoring governmental jurisdiction in support of any possible need relative to communications in an emergency. This means far more than being activated in sporadic emergencies. It includes day-to-day involvement in the affairs of that agency. In effect, ACS becomes an   integrated aspect of the sponsoring agency staff, albeit unpaid.


For the State of California, the ACS unit of the Governor's Office of Emergency Services (OES) providesa variety of professional unpaid (volunteer) skills, including administrative, technical and   operational, for emergency tactical, administrative and logistical communications between the State and its agencies, its Regions, county and city governments and neighboring state governments.

Specific mission assignments include on-going ACS bulletins, assistance to counties and cities in   developing ACS units in their jurisdictions; and coordination with other State agency ACS units, such as those in CalTrans and Health Services; and support of the State Emergency Operations Center.

OES Regional ACS units support the needs of the Regional Operations Centers and   provide communications Mutual Aid through the OES Region Communications Coordinators.

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