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Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS)
Introductory Course of Instruction

Module A3: SEMS Operating Requirements and Individual Responsibilities

A3.6: General Operating Requirements for SEMS

This section describes several important requirements related to the use of SEMS at any level:

SEMS requires emergency response agencies to use basic principles and components of emergency management including ICS, and Multi-agency or inter-agency coordination.

The five primary functions of Command or Management, Operations, Planning/Intelligence and Administration/Finance must be provided for in all organizations at any SEMS level.

Personnel in a SEMS organization at any of the five levels must be assigned to a designated function within the organization, and at all times have designated supervision.

Personnel assigned within a SEMS organization will safely carry out their assignment for an operational period or until relieved, and will brief their relief as required by agency standard operating procedures.

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