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Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS)
Introductory Course of Instruction

Module A3: SEMS Operating Requirements and Individual Responsibilities

A3.1: Roles and Functions for Personnel in SEMS Organizations at All Levels

Field Level

At the field level, emergency response personnel may assume a variety of roles within the Incident Command System. Agency policy will often dictate what personnel will fill what roles. A concept here is to use the most qualified individuals regardless of rank or position. The determination of what role they will perform will be a function of:

ICS provides an emergency management structure which allows for the most qualified personnel to be used at any position.

Incident Commanders may at the onset of the emergency be relatively low ranking personnel. ICS provides a mechanism for the transfer of command if the emergency requires more qualified personnel.

EOC Level

The five major functions required within the organization at the EOC level may require personnel from a variety of agencies within a municipality, operational area, region, or state, depending upon the level being activated.

Here are two examples: one for local government and operational areas, and the other for region and State.

Local Government or Operational Area EOC

Function Staffing Considerations
Management Administrative personnel, special district managers, emergency management, fire, law enforcement are recommended for use in initial EOC activations.
Operations Key department managers and public safety personnel will generally coordinate these activities within the EOC during initial activation.
Logistics Departments of General Services, Public Works and utilities are good candidates to provide personnel for this EOC Function. Other departments may also have the background to manage or assist in this function.
Finance/Administration City/County CAO, Finance Departments are candidates for managing this function within an EOC.

Region/State EOC

Function Staffing Considerations
Management SOC Director; OES Director, Chief Deputy Director, Deputy Directors, REOC Director; Regional Administrators.
Operations To fill Section/Branch Positions: OES, CDF, Fire Marshall, CALEPA, DHS, DFG, CHP, State Police, CNG, EMSA, Mental Health, DSS, ARC, OSHPD, PUC, and so on.
Logistics To fill Section/Branch Positions: General Services, OES, CDF, DFG, CNG, DPA, EDDP.
Finance/Administration OES, Department of Finance

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