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Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS)
Introductory Course of Instruction

Module A2: Introduction to SEMS Components and Features

A2.4: Titles and Roles for the Five SEMS Functions at the Field and EOC Levels

The primary functions found in ICS are:

These same functions with some minor variation in titles and associated activity are the key functional activities found at all SEMS EOC levels.

The table below provides a brief summary of the titles and definitions of activities associated with these functions.

Primary SEMS Functions Field Response Level EOCs at Other SEMS Levels
Command/Management Responsible for the directing, ordering, and/or controlling of resources. Responsible for overall emergency policy and coordination.
Operations Responsible for the coordinated tactical response of all field operations in accordance with the Incident Action Plan. Responsible for coordinating of all jurisdictional operations in support of the response to the emergency.
Planning/Intelligence Responsible for the collection, evaluation, documentation, and use of information related to the incident. Responsible for collecting, evaluating, and disseminating information and maintaining documentation.
Logistics Responsible for providing facilities, services, personnel, equipment, and materials in support of the incident. Responsible for providing facilities, services, personnel, equipment, and materials.
Finance/Administration Responsible for financial and cost analysis and administrative aspects not handled by the other functions. Responsible for financial activities and administrative aspects not assigned to the other functions.

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