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The Modified Mercalli, or Mike-Mike scale is used by Santa Clara County ARES/RACES to standardize and make more efficient the reporting of earthquake damage.   Instead of reporting damage by using general descriptions like "major" or "minor" or "heavy", a Mike-Mike value is reported. This value is quick and simple to communicate over the air and equates to a standard level of damage as defined in the scale below.

Mike-Mike-1Not felt at all
Mike-Mike-2Barely noticed
Mike-Mike-3Know it was an earthquake somewhere
Mike-Mike-4Windows, dishes rattle
Mike-Mike-5Pictures move, doors swing, small items on floor
Mike-Mike-6Glassware broken, books off shelf, floor lamps topple
Mike-Mike-7Furniture broken, cannot stand, chimneys fall
Mike-Mike-8Buildings collapsed

An example of a proper response is: "<your-call-sign>, Mike-Mike-4, Los Altos, <your-call-sign>"

Business Card size MM Scale, Acrobat file

10 Business Cards on a sheet, Acrobat File
This is set up for Avery Business Card stock, 10 - 2x3.5" cards per sheet.
When printing, set the Page Scaling Option to "None".

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