MINOR UPDATE FOR logistics-request.html

June 7, 2011

PacFORMS file logistics-reguest.html contains a section of the form that is hidden initialy, but can be displayed when the button at the bottom of the form is clicked. The hidden section is primarily to be used by the receiving agency.   In the browser Firefox 4.0 and 4.01, the hidden section is actually displayed, but should not be.   Earlier version of Firefox, 3.x do work properly.   If you are using Internet Explorer 8 or earlier, the form works properly, so there is no need to update the form if you are using browsers that work.

A minor modification to the HTML code has been made so that the form works with Fiefox 4 and also with the other browsers that have been tested.   Either the current form or this updated form will work properly with the recently released combined install package, v3.1.

Click HERE bring it the modified logistics-request.html PacFORM into your browser.   When it is in your browser, do File -> Save As it to your PC, to directory C:\PacFORMS\exec where the rest of the PacFORMS forms are stored.

If you encounter any problems, contact Phil Henderson at kf6zsq@yahoo.com.

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